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What Indian National Congress should do now?

In recent elections, Congress won-lost Manipur and Goa. Lost the UP and won the Punjab. After a grand victory in Punjab elections 2017, Congress dethrones Akali government and Captain Amarinder Singh takes oath as Punjab chief minister. Nine other ministers including Navjot Singh Sidhu and Akali rebel Manpreet Badal are also expected to be sworn in.
Winning only one state and that is only by anti-incumbency factor, won't give you any reason to celebrate. Instead you should re-mould your party faces, structures, strategies and make it large again as it was.
So far, Congress have used all your tact after loosing each election war. Here I'm suggesting just another. and that is:

Just announce the things public love. Execute the good things from the AAP & BJP's election manifesto. Make steps for criminal-free, poor-free, pollution-free and drug-free state. Do what voters love in other party and choose that party for winner.Doing this all, T…
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डॉलर से महंगा रुपया

हां! क्या! नहीं ऐसा कैसे हो सकता है. अररे हो रहा है इंडिया में. नहीं यार्र..तुम र.....रुको! सुनो! अररे सुनो तो सही. ऐसा हो रहा है एंड जब आपको ये पता चलेगा. आप को खुद पे शक होना स्टार्ट हो जायेगा.अच्छा. यार्र देखो विश्वास तो बिलकुल नहीं हो रहा, पर... चलो हम आराम से बैठ जाते है. जैसे ही लगा काट रहे हो. सुनना बंद. बैठे हुवे सब खड़े.वाह्ह! सही! देखो फिरंगी लोग Internet पे लिखते है (paid with/ bought with/..) whooping 6$ और अपने इंडिया में लोग ऐसे showoff (थोडा भावुक word है. फिर भी सुन लो) नहीं करते. पर अगर करे तो भी वूपिंग 10 थाउजेंड. अब सोचो अब कहा 6$ (=425 रूपये) और कहा 10,000 INR. अब कहा अपने सफाई, सेविंग, और दुसरे कामों के लिए कितने इन पैसों की डिमांड होती है. तो हमारी अपनी बड़ी सैलरी की उम्मीद, उसपे खर्चे, कितने के तो शादी जैसे बड़े फंक्शन्स. सोचो कितने ज्यादा पैसे. तो ?

तो यह सब अँगरेज़ के पैसों से ज्यादा है. तो समझो इतनी हाई डॉलर की वैल्यू रखने पे रखने पे भी वो लोग हमें ज्यादा ऐश, ज्यादा पैसे वाले लगते है. जबकी है नहीं. अब सोचो किसका currency बड़ा है. रुपया . है ना?हाँ यार ये तो सही बात…

Issues and Loopholes of Scrapping the 500 and 1000 Notes

First came shock.Then, a collective sentiment of merry. People lauded Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his policy to demonetize high-denomination Indian currency – Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 – notes aimed towards “curbing” the menace of black money and ill-gotten wealth in the country.But as the day dawned, many critiqued the decision, making some logical arguments about the loopholes in the move. Here in this post I'm gonna write the issues of common man and loopholes of the scrapping plan of NaMo Govt.Issue : Why 2000 note instead of another 500, 1000 or even 600 note!The one of the question which have been asked by major of opponent parties and intellectuals. Scrapping old 500 and 1000 notes to out the black money holders, O get this point. But at the place of old 500 and 1000 note why 2000! I can recall that how many shop I visited to get the change of 1000 note, which atm withdraws sometimes. Can you imagine same of the 2000 ? Suppose I paid for a coffee of 50 rupee, I will get 19 n…

IIT Guwahati Interview Experience

Having not that good GATE score, I had only hope for this IIT (in older IITs). I got call of this campus when I was in interview of IIT Kanpur. The good thing about IITG is that it calls for all majors no matter what is your GATE score. One can come, appear for all written tests and sit for interviews of all specializations. After trip of Himachal, Punjab & Delhi; I was bit tired and had no plans for appearing for it as my end semesters were very near. But on suggestion of friends and having a official YES for wandering a new place got me goosebumps.
I departed from Jaipur on 14th night through train having unreserved seat. Luckily I got seat so journey was not tedious. Reached Delhi in early morning. Waited for metro, arrived at Aanand Vihar Railway Station to catch Northern East Express for Guwahati.
And adventure begins!!
I was having no reservations so have to enter in General bogies. And hell! Train route is via major districts of UP, Bihar and West Bengal. Whole compartmen…

This is how I got my first Internship

Labours are one of the group that knows those minor details about a project that major people don't know. Approaching labour will be good option as it will be very less hassle to initiate conversation. 
Kab tak poora hoga ye project? (Till when, this project will be completed?).. Intitating conversation by asking sevral such questions and than making conversation more interesting asking details about themselves and making relation with myself. Like: Kaho se ho Uncle ? (From where you belong, Uncle ?) No matter which city/town or state he tells, My instant reply will be.. Ohh! Uncle.. My 2-3 friends are also from there or any nearby place. 
This is how I land for my first Internship at Shapporji & Pallonji Construction. Major Civil Engineering companies requires 'reference' and I hadn't any. Initially I tried to approach Project Manager but his assistance refused for any intenship, being a self made boss! That project was best option to learning for me as contractor…

ममी जी.. आपकी वाली पढाई

कोटा में IIT-JEE की त़ैयारी के दौरान कभी घर जाते तो ममी बोलती तु यहाँ पढता है वैसा ही कोटा में पढता है क्या. बच्चा दिमाग था उस टाइम.. सो जितना जब जो मन किया वो पढ़ लिया. मन नहीं तो नहीं. ममी से अब क्या छुपाना. बोल डालते हाँ और क्या. इससे ज्यादा पढाई थोड़ी ही होती है. हमारे सर लोग बोलते हैं की ज्यादा मत पढो कम पढो पर अच्छा पढो। तो उसी को फॉलो कर रहें है ममी. ना! ये कोई पढाई थोड़ी है, ममी भी कहाँ हम 'ज्ञानी' लोगों की बात आसानी से मानने वाली थी. तो फिर कैसे होती है पढाई? बताओ? मानने वाले तो हम भी नहीं थे!
पढाई ऐसे नहीं होती बेटा! पढाई करने वालों की शकल ही अलग होती है. एक दिन में एक पेन, दो दिन में एक रजिस्टर खत्म नहीं हो तो काहे की पढाई! मास्टर साहब वाले कपिल को देखा. उसकी बातें पढाई से शुरू होके उसी पे ही खत्म होती है. वो होती है पढाई. शायद almost पूरा एक ही साँस में बोला था.

उस टाइम तो माँ तुझे कोई जबाब देते नहीं बनते.. ना तेरी ये बातें समझ आती थी. हाँ हम भाई बहन पढने हेतु टेबल पर बैठते टाइम उन बातों को recall करके हस-खिलखिला जरूर लेते थे।
सही थी ममी जी आप.. पढाई तो वास्तव में वो…

Hmm.. Diwali!

People are being excited as Diwali dates are approaching and here I am who is becoming even more worried. For others Diwali is considered as fun, vacations, shopping or crackers. I am considering it as occurring of GATE exam. Undoubtedly, This exam and its result will be my life changing point. In our technical subject of Civil Engineering we define Point of Contraflexure (POC) where bending moment changes sign. Exactly same here. Either this point i.e. exam will lead me to highest positive magnitude of bending moment or at zero or keep me below zero.
There is sometime when you've to prove your existence. GATE'16 is like this for me. Preparation is on good pace. Coaching class, room, table, bed, college, room, table and repeat! The life is became like atoms which are revolving into a certain set of path.
Do or die. Battle ground is yet to open. Train yourself enough.

Jai Mahadev!